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Olney-Foust Monuments

We are proud to offer our families meaningful monuments and memorials right from the granite quarries in Barre, VT. 

These memorials include: Headstones, Benches, Columbaria, Mausoleums, and Statuary

Additional Services we offer: 

Monuments Cleaning, Installing Veteran Plaques & Markers, and Final Datings

Below you will find the most common memorial types in our area. 

If you have questions or would like to order a memorial, you can reach us at:

Ulysses - 814-848-7542

Wellsville - 585-593-5431

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Types of Memorials

Upright Monuments

Frequently called headstones or tombstones, our upright granite monuments offer endless possibilities for personalized memorials. Upright Headstones are the most common cemetery memorials.

Olney-Foust’s Upright Headstones consist of 2 pieces: the top or upright piece is called a “die,” the bottom flat piece is the “base.”

Our Upright Markers range from simple, traditional headstones to personalized sculptures. See our photo galleries for examples of some of the personal memorials we have created.

Upright Monuments vary greatly in shape and size; they are only limited by the cemetery’s rules and regulations – and your imagination.

No matter which custom upright headstone you choose, we will work with you each step of the way to ensure you receive the product you want.

Flat Markers

Flush Markers or Granite Marker are grave markers that sit flush with the ground. Many urban and perpetual care cemeteries prefer these markers because lawnmowers can pass over it without hitting the stone, making lawn care easier.

Some cemeteries only allow flat or flush markers in specific sections, check with us to find out what is allowed in your area. We do not recommend using these flush markers in rural cemeteries or cemeteries that lack maintenance because they can become covered by grass or brush and lost.

Slant Top Monuments

Slants, also known as Slanted Gravestones, Slanting Markers, Mini Headstones, etc. are a common memorial in our area.

A slant memorial has a straight back, a flat bottom and a slanted face. It can have an oval, serpentine or straight top. Slants are generally shorter and wider than typical Upright Headstones and have a slanting front. They usually mark the location of an individual. These markers are made from granite and may be set on a base. Traditional Slants have an oval, serpentine or straight top.


Cremation is a very popular memorial option and becoming more so every day. We provide cremation memorial products including private and community columbaria, cremation memorial benches, features and more.

Our columbaria are available in many sizes and shapes and can be simple or complicated in their elegance.

A columbarium expresses our innermost wish to remember and honor our loved ones. They offer a place of safekeeping for cremated remains and a thoughtful place to meet.

People frequently use the term Mausoleum instead of Columbarium, but there is a difference. Both are permanent public memorials but Columbaria are intended for cremation urns.

Stone Cleaning

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